Take a Break!

Take a break

Take a break

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“Taking a break is not the same as quitting.”


I know. It’s ludicrously obvious, but it has to be said: Taking a break in no way implies quitting.

But this concept gets sticky when taking breaks from big projects, or putting a pause on certain goals.

Life is not linear…meaning…life rarely moves from point A to point B in a logical straight line of progress.

Same with goals. I’ve never achieved a goal the way an arrow hits a bull’s-eye. Nope. Adjustments must be made.

Breaks are a necessity in life, in love, in goals, in work, etc. So take a nap. Unplug. Decompress. Take a break.

More often than not, doing so will lead to greater performance in the long run anyway. So be kind to yourself! Take a break!

Just thinkin’

xo, Avia

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