New Moon Meaning

New Moon Meaning

New Moon Meaning

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The next new moon is approaching upon us on April 11th. Every phase of the moon has a special, symbolic meaning and offers grand opportunities to tap into energetic momentum. The new moon meaning speaks to us of an emptiness that is unfathomable. Our ancestors knew it, and we know it too, on various levels.

The new moon reminds us of the void, the gaping space that is nothingness. The new moon is also symbolic of: The first step. Another beginning. A new revolution.

With so much change going on in our lives, yet another new beginning can seem overwhelming (particularly on a cosmic level which will compound our mundane levels of change).

What’s more, a sense of empty-ness tends to prompt one to start finding stuff to fill the void. Consider that sentence – it’s vague, but astounding in its implications.

Is this true for you? If a sense of empty-ness is detected, do you go about trying to “remedy” it by filling the void?

Sometimes I do. My Western socialized mind scrambles to fill up – not empty out.

So, when encountering the newness proffered by her highness the new moon, I sometimes find myself anxious and edgy – scrambling around trying to do, do, do, (gathering up, filling up, plugging the holes) instead of be, be, be.

Whether we’re filling the void with thought or things, there’s a time to cease the stuffing.  This is that time. Simply being is what the new moon, in her infinite wisdom, invites us to do.

This new moon (April 11th) encourages us to:

  • just be.
  • stop stuffing.
  • swim in the void.
  • settle in the emptiness (resisting the urge to fill it).
  • relish the beginning for what it is: Fresh opportunity & potential.

I hope you enjoyed these insights on new moon meaning. As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,


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