Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Tips to Celebrate Earth Day

Tips to Celebrate Earth Day

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Simple Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Today is Earth Day! Now, me personally, I believe EVERY day is earth day, and I hold devotionals year-round to thank mother earth for all the lush, lively delights she presents. If you think about it, we owe our lives to this planet. From food to fun, we are entirely dependent upon the blue-green planet for our home and homeostasis.

Whether you subscribe to that same view or not, there is no denying that this earth is a fundamental element in how we live our lives. That’s why I take time every day to say “thanks” to the birds, bees, flowers, seeds, trees…you get the picture.

There are simple ways you can celebrate Earth Day  today and every day.  Here are a few ideas:

Tips to Celebrate Earth Day
Tips to Celebrate Earth Day

Tips to Honoring Earth Day

Get Seedy: Well…that is to say…poke some seeds in some dirt.  Sowing seeds is a symbolic gesture of gratitude to mother earth and her enriching soils. You can multipurpose this gesture by including a positive affirmation as you sow each seed.  For example, if you have intentions or goals, visualize these as you insert each seed into the soil.  As you nurture these babies, see your intentions growing too.  This is a great way to replenish the earth while also reinvigorating your visualizations for blossoming opportunities for yourself.

Get Mellow: This is the perfect day to meditate upon the abundance the earth provides us. Doing an earth meditation is also a great way to get grounded and rooted into our core connections that remind us of our cosmic home base in this vast universe.

Get Pruny: Err…well, I mean prune. This is a perfect time of year to prune back dead bits on trees or plants. Check your horticulture guide regarding what plants or trees require, but pruning is a sure-fire way to stimulate new growth. If you think about it, we humans could use occasional pruning too.  As you consider cutting back dead branches on rosebushes, think about how you can prune dead stuff out of your own life that no longer serves you. As you clip lifeless limbs in your midst, symbolically compare those to behaviors or thoughts that are lifeless in your life.  In other words, humans need pruning just as much as ivy plants, and this is a symbolic opportunity to have a symbiotic moment to cut away needless things from our plants and our lives.

Get Planting: Go nuts with a new garden, or go simple by tossing wildflower seeds into the yard. However way you go about it, planting is a splendid action to honor all the bounty we receive from the earth.  Oh! And don’t forget Arbor Day is right around the corner (the 30th of April in 2021 – the last Friday of every April in future years). Arbor Day is a dedicated time to honor the earth by planting trees.  Think about making a new tradition this time of year (if you don’t already) to plant new trees…they are crucial to the future of maintaining the wellbeing of this glorious planet.

I hope these simple ideas to celebrate this planet on Earth Day or Arbor Day inspires you to get dirty…um…well…digging, planting…whatever. You know what I mean.  Now is the time to ponder the profound gifts of Nature and all she provides. 

Happy Earth & Arbor Day!

Mighty brightly,


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