Lessons from a Praying Mantis for Managing Stress

Praying Manits Meaning

Praying Manits Meaning

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I recently moved. While no move is a bed of roses (and I’ve moved around a lot!). This current move made me think back to previous relocations. I remembered a time in 2016 when I moved into a tiny house. I was having a very hair-pulling day in the middle of relocating. 

Up to my eyeballs in dirt, dogs, books, bowls and not much room to navigate it all. What’s worse, the shower didn’t work, my windows wouldn’t open, the toilet wouldn’t flush…you get the idea. Just nuts.

So what’s this all have to do with praying mantis? In the midst of all this chaos, I spied a precious baby (picture below)… 

She was watching me the whole time I was fussing and fighting with fixing up the house. I had to laugh at that. She didn’t have a care in the world (because believe me, there were plenty of bugs in the house for her to munch on, ack!).

My point is, she was calm as a cucumber while I was mad as a March hare. There’s a lesson in that.In fact, praying mantis meaning is all about staying calm and carrying on. From Asia to Africa, the mantis is a consistent symbol of peace, tranquility and stillness.

The mantis is also symbolic of dreams for African Bushmen. The mantis is thought to be a dream-bringer, a soothsayer – even capable of predicting events in the future. 

When a mantis is seen, it’s advised to go deep in a dream or meditation and cast yourself into future possibilities. The Bushmen say the mantis will guide your way so you can see your future path clearly.

So guess what I did? I saw that mantis, calmed myself down, and got into meditation mode. Where did Miss Mantis take me? Well, she got me as far as unboxing all my books, lol. And she did assure me all this move-in/tiny house madness would settle down in time. That’s all I needed to move forward.

What’s my point?
When things seem crammed with chaos, let the praying mantis guide your way. Here are a few suggestions the praying mantis can help in the storms of stress…

Keep calm in the storm: That watchful mantis reminded me to be still and get centered. Observe more, act less: The mantis is incredibly attentive and still in its observations. It does not act until the moment is right. I believe the praying mantis encourages us to do the same.

Drop everything and dream: -Or meditate. The point is, the mantis is a magnifier of mindful visions and assists us in refocusing on better outcomes (rather than wallowing in worries).

Sometimes it just takes stepping back, regaining equilibrium, and refocusing to move forward with better results.
As you go through your days, please keep in mind.. every event is symbolic.

Every visit is a gift.  It just takes a little pondering to gain deeper meaning, insight, and guidance.

As always, thanks for reading. I hope these reflections on the praying mantis might help you in the midst of challenges.
Mighty brightly,

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