Myth and Meaning of Halcyon Days

meaning of halcyon days

meaning of halcyon days

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The meaning of halcyon days. That’s what’s on my mind lately.

Why? Well, I’ve been in a funk lately. It happens. We all go through spells of droopy blues. My brand of poopy moods came in the form of thinking my best days are behind me.

But you know me…I’ve got silver linings stitched all over the place.  So rather than harshing your mellow with my melodrama, I started thinking about the meaning of Halcyon days and learned a few things…

Technically the phrase ‘halcyon days’ refers to ‘the calm before the storm.’ Specifically, in terms of weather. Halcyon days describe those calm moments when the storms are at bay and peace seems to spread across the land.

On a metaphorical note, halcyon days are about those moments in our lives that are beautiful, tranquil, and joyful. Halcyon days describe a sense of nostalgia as we look back on better times with fondness.

The term halcyon days was coined by the Greeks. Myth has it that a Halcyon is actually a bird…a type of kingfisher, actually. This bird was highly blessed. Get more about the mythological meaning of Halcyon days and the Halcyon bird here.

The Greek bird called Halcyon is a type of Kingfisher bird

As the myth goes, when the Halcyon bird lays its eggs, a tremendous peace settles upon the land.

The Greek gods favored the Halcyon, and made sure it was afforded a brief window in time when weather conditions promote healthy egg-laying and hatching. These “halcyon days” are extraordinary moments in time when everything seems picture-perfect.

Over the years, this legend morphed into a phrase, and folks started saying…Those were our Halcyon days” to describe a time in life that was serene, prosperous, and blissful.

Take-Away Points About the Meaning of Halcyon Days

So, if you’ve been feeling like me these days…a little low and wondering if your best days are buried in the past…consider the meaning of halcyon days. Here are a few ideas to get you back in a favorable mood and start embracing your future halcyon days.

1) Attitude of Gratitude: When it seems like the ‘good ol days’ are behind us…that is the perfect time to be grateful for the blessings we were fortunate enough to experience.

2) More Eggs in the Basket: Remember that Halcyon bird in Greek myth I mentioned? Well, the Halcyon bird lays eggs for more than one season! That means there must be a future season of joy on the horizon. In other words, there are more opportunities for good times ahead.

3) Promise in the Present: Even at the height of feeling insignificant and ineffective…that’s the time to be present and seek the beauty right in front of us.

If you want to know more about the Halcyon in myth, and halcyon days meaning, check it out here.

I hope this little piece on the meaning of Halcyon days offers you hope, inspiration and maybe a smile.

As always, thanks for hanging out with me, and for reading.



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