Be a Rebel for Love: Valentine’s Day Meaning and Origins

Valentine's Day Meaning

Valentine's Day Meaning

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The origins of Valentine’s day meaning are sketchy at best. February 14th is commonly associated with a goodly saint or priest by the moniker of Valentine who rebels against tyranny for the sake of love.

One such account is about one certain Saint Valentine who was a Roman priest during the reign of Emperor Claudius the 2nd.

Claudius had an ass-hat stance on young men marrying because he thought these men would be compelled to stay home rather than fight in the Roman army. Claudius even decreed that no young man should be married before first serving the Roman Empire as a soldier.

St. Valentine, however, was a lover, not a fighter. He secretly went behind Claudius’ back and privately married a number of young couples. Regrettably, Valentine got caught for defying Claudius. He was arrested, put to prison, and sentenced to death. 

Valentine was executed on February 14th for bringing loving couples together in matrimony. That means..regardless of the consequences. Valentine chose love over death. If that’s not a true martyr, rebel, and activist…I’m not sure what is.

Another tidbit is that while in prison, Valentine formed a tender friendship with the jailer’s blind daughter. There are stories that Valentine submitted a letter of kind affection to this young woman on the day of his execution. He signed it “From your Valentine.” 

To this day, the ending signatures such as “From your valentine” -or- “Be my Valentine” is a testimony to the inspiring affection St. Valentine had for the blind daughter of his own jailer.

Can you imagine that? This is a man who was going to be beheaded for living up to the hope and promise of love….and he continued to dare to love even while he was facing his own death.

I don’t know about you, but that’s a titanic testimony for love IMHO.
To dare to care, bear one’s heart, be vulnerable and committed to the whole concept of love…it just proves the point (if the legends are true) that St. Valentine was a crackerjack poster boy for deserving this one day to celebrate the generosity of compassion, care, kindness, and love.

Just thinkin’
Sending you all love,
Mighty brightly,
P.S.: Want to know about the association of Valentine’s Day and Wolves? Yup, there is a canine connection with the day of love in history. Check out the meaning of the Roman celebration of Lupercalia and Valentine’s day here.

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