Meaningful Moon Phases

symbolic moon phase meaning

symbolic moon phase meaning

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Exploring the Meaning of Moon Phases for Personal Growth and Illumination

Almost all of us know the movements of the moon influence pretty much everything on earth. Lady Luna’s waxing and waning affect the motion of the oceans, animal behavior, and more.

Knowing the basics of moon phase meanings can help us understand more about ourselves and our environment.

Why? I’ll give you an example…many years ago, I worked as an intern in a busy hospital emergency room. It didn’t take long to recognize the full moon meant a heap of chaos in the E.R. All the interns and nurses dreaded working shifts that landed during the full moon.

Hands down, that was the time of the month when we got more than usual injuries, and they were exceedingly bizarre in nature. We’d take in really weird afflictions, surges in stabbings, and don’t even get me started on the hike in domestic violence cases during the full moon.

That might be a morose example, but it proves the point that we humans are absolutely influenced by the moon and her movements. That’s why being aware of moon phase meanings is a great way to keep tabs on the direction of our lives.

Quick Video Explaining Symbolic Moon Phase Meaning

Meaning of Moon Phases

Here are a few quick tips on moon phases and how to incorporate the moon’s power in our lives…

Meaning of Moon Phases – Summary

-The New Moon: Is symbolic of new beginnings, a fresh start, rebirth, renewal, starting from scratch.

-The Waning Moon: Is symbolic of letting go, release, surrender, withdrawal, a time to retreat, reflect, go within.

-The Full Moon: Is symbolic of the height of power, the peak of clarity, fulfillment, completion, obtaining desire.

-The Waxing Moon: Is symbolic of growth, manifestation, the path to attainment, growing gravid (heavy with child – literally or philosophically).

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