Up in Smoke! Meaning of Smudging and Smoke Cleansing

meaning of smudging and smoke cleansing

meaning of smudging and smoke cleansing

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Tips About Smoke-Cleansing and Meaning of Smudging

It’s been said cleanliness is next to godliness. That’s really true. In fact, many ancient cultures crafted ceremonies to cleanse energy and areas in order to attain spiritual purity.

That’s where smoke cleansing comes in. Cleaning our environment with smoke is referred to as smudging, or saging (as in sage). Simply put, it is a mindful act of smoking out wonky woo-joo in our lives, and in the spaces we live and work.

All that said, the act of smudging or smoke-cleansing can be a great way to annihilate bad energy and encourage renewal in our lives.

During these unprecedented times when most of us are stuck in our living spaces, conducting a cleansing smoke ritual might be just the thing needed in order to get a fresh lift in our energy.

Truthfully, the smoke ritual can be very easy, and likely not even cost you a dime to do. You can use almost anything to create smoke for your ritual.

Learn how to do your own cleansing, smudge ceremony here.

meaning of smudging and smoke cleansing
Meaning of smudging and smoke cleansing

Here are some ideas about items you can use for your smoke ritual:

  • Sage (holy white sage is best)
  • Herbs (whole fresh herbs are best)
  • Candle (whatever you got)
  • Incense
  • Flowers
  • Paper (write your intentions on it and burn it as an offering while you do your cleansing ceremony)
  • Feather or Fan (to move the smoke)
  • Bowl or Shell (to catch your ashes)

If you don’t have any of these options, you can get creative with substitutions. For example, use your hand to move the smoke instead of a feather.

A cleansing smoke ritual is easy. The big key is being mindful as you perform the ceremony. Be intentional about cleansing your space and your energy. Be hyper-aware about inviting good, clean energy into your life.

Check out my full article about how to smudge and purify your space and energy here.

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-Wishing you all the best as you smoke the blues out of your rooms!

Brightly, Avia

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