Hitting the Bullseye with Mandala Meanings

mandala meanings

mandala meanings

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Comparing mandala meanings with the bullseye: Creative focus with mandala therapy

I recently had a discussion with a buddy of mine who is practicing mandala therapy with her speech impaired partner.

The idea behind mandala therapy is that the process of creating a mandala is meant to engage the mind and soul in such a fashion so as to release intensely expressive creativity and communication.

Working with mandala’s (like coloring them, drawing them or even doodling in a circular-vortex way) is a unique expression that can be much more illuminating than typical artistic practices. This deep expressive value is due to the mandala’s circular & seemingly endless nature.

Native Americans have been drawing these type swirling-circle symbols that expand outward from the center for eons. For many Native cultures, these repetitive organic patterns represent various forces within the universe converging with The One…the One Spirit, god, the one energy that animates all that exists.

We can compare the bullseye to the mandala. It’s all about moving from the center and creating change outwards.

mandala meanings
mandala meanings

Why might this be a big deal? Because at the end of the day, the creative seed nestled deep within our souls must be free to express its vibrant energy outwardly (out through the body, through our environment and even throughout our world).

Interestingly, other ancient cultures have drawn concentric circles (like mandalas and/or bulls eye’s) to illustrate this very concept.

The inner-circle represents the self, inner consciousness, the soul, or the stillness of mind…with the external circles representing the waves of influence our center-power has over everything else.

The very nature of bullseyes and mandalas commands our vision to focus. As we look at it, our eyes (spiritual and physical vision) tend to immediately concentrate on the center…that’s the beauty of this symbol and process… it herds the wandering mind into a corral of creativity.
Try it for yourself. Start scribbling spirals, circles, bullseyes,
and mandalas. See how liberating this practice can be to loosen limitations and free your creativity.

To help you with your divine doodling, I’ve written a few articles on mandala’s that might be illuminating. Check out the links below.
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Bright bullseye blessings to you!


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