Harm None: The Motto of the “Killer” Whale

orca killer whale meaning

orca killer whale meaning

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It’s an interesting concept, eh?…”Harm none” in conjunction with the so-called ‘killer’ whale.

Well, if you dig around for information, you will know that the ‘killer’ whale (also known as the Orca Whale) is hardly a killer.

Yes, it has been the demise of a few humans when provoked or compromised, but that was in defense.

In reality, the Orca is quite a gentle giant. I write about this in my recent post inspired by Native Tlingit people of Alaska. It’s a fascinating tale, if you want to know more, click here.

I love Native American legends. The Tlingit of Alaska (who migrated from Siberia) has a particularly colorful array of stories connected to life, love, tradition, and nature….and yes, the Orca.

In fact, the Tlingit have a legend about how the ‘Killer’ Whale came into existence which is utterly fascinating! It has nothing at all to do with its unfortunate nickname. On the contrary, the legend describes how the Orca is a peaceful, life-saving feature among the Tlingit.

Wanna know more? You’re in luck! Here’s the gist of the Tlingit epic tale of the Killer Whale (also known as the Orca Whale).

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Get the Full Article About the Tlingit Tale of the Orca Whale Here.

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  1. This is awesome! Thanks so much. I didn’t know the loon was connected with the whale in this native American legend (I clicked on the link you gave and read the whole story). Thanks for all the great info you have on all your websites!

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