Lessons From a Treasure Hunter – NEVER GIVE UP!

tresure hunting never give up

tresure hunting never give up

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I saw a documentary this morning about treasure hunter Mel Fisher. He had big dreams. So much so, he moved his wife and 5 kids 2000 miles from California to Florida, got a boat, and recruited the whole family to dive for sunken treasures. Mel wanted to be a professional treasure hunter, and this was his first big step in that direction.

He gave himself ONE YEAR to get results, and vowed to move his family back to California if nothing came of his underwater excavations. On the 360th day, he hit the mother lode.

Mel went on to uncover one of the most historic (and valuable) finds to this day…the wreck of the Nuestra Señora de Atocha from 1622…his discovery was worth billions. Yeah…that’s illions with a big fat “B”!!!! To this day, the Atocha is still being excavated by Mel’s kids. ..it is THAT big!

tresure hunting never give up
If you are treasure hunting, never give up!

We can look at that conquest and go “WOW!!! How remarkable! What a lucky guy! Finding billions in buried treasure!? Holy moly!” What often goes unnoticed is Mel and his family went decades searching for those big, beautiful jackpots.

They ran out of money to fund their dives on countless occasions. Mel and his 5 kids got by on fishing from the ocean when there was no money for food. But Mel never gave up. In fact…his motto was “Today’s the day!”

Is today YOUR day? What are you willing to do to doggedly pursue your dreams? Have you given up on your dream too early? Dreams have their own timing; they also require your commitment and belief. Do you have the right stuff to see your dream into reality?


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