Friends, Family Flux and Frogs

frog meaning and transition

frog meaning and transition

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I realize frogs might not be the most snuggly symbolic topic, but I love them so much! Why? Well, aside from being ridiculously adorable (hey, what can I say? I dig the creepy-crawly creatures), they are symbolic of transformation and change.

Many years ago, I underwent some tremendous challenges with personal relationships. Negotiations with colleagues were deteriorating, friendships were falling apart and family connections were suffering from severe disagreements. I kept on wondering what the hell was wrong and what was going on?

In the middle of all this interpersonal chaos, I got a visit from the Prince Charming of Change..yup…a frog! Lo and behold, an amicable amphibian ambled close to me and proceeded to perch in my presence for what seemed an eternity. We watched each other and pondered the ways of the world.

That dear froggy-friend reminded me that life is about transition and taking change as it comes – that includes change in relationships. Very often that means recognizing the waters of life can sometimes get icky and muddy…but we have the choice to adapt instead of getting stuck in the muck.

The frog is a testimonial figure that exemplifies the importance of going with the flow when it comes to changes (within ourselves and our relationships). I mean, the frog it starts out life with a tail! What!?! Yet.. it absorbs, transforms and adjusts in order to move forward in life.

Is it still the same frog? Yes, indeedy it is. However, it is also changed and more adept to deal with external challenges. This got me thinking about the ever-changing nature of human behavior.

The frog helped me understand we can all modify. We can rise above, improve, adjust, adapt….but at our core…I think that nugget of true ‘self’ is nestled within us like a little frog.

I often think the only true hope we have for genuine transformation is when we authentically accept our inner froggy (tail, slime, adaptations and all). 

In other words, my frog visitor helped me see the importance of snuggling with my inner frog, coming to terms with transition and learn to love it  – warts and all. Contrarily, ignoring the fidgety frog within may cause sad, soggy bottoms of the soul that lead to personal rot. Not good.

This was an essential lesson the frog shared with me. Sometimes personal conflicts have nothing to do with who is at fault, or what’s gone wrong. Sometimes relationship issues are more about the need for transformation and change rather than blame.

  • What is your inner frog saying to you?  
  • What is your  inner frog saying about your relationships?
  • Is it time for change? How do you feel about change?
  • Can you allow for evolution in partnerships and personal connections?
  • How can fluctuation in friendships and family relations be seen as positive change (instead of stressful conflict)?

Just thinkin.

May the froggy force of flux be with you,

Mighty brightly,


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