Cherry Blossom Meaning: Change and Challenges

cherry blossom meaning of strength

cherry blossom meaning of strength

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A Samurai Symbol for Strength: Cherry Blossom Meaning to Aid in Facing Change and Challenges

My friend John has a cherry blossom tattoo. He’s a big dude, and quite intimidating. In fact, he’s often called “Big John.” Granted, not the most original moniker, but suitable because body-building Big John is a behemoth fellow.

Anyway, he has an array of delicate cherry blossoms tattooed on his bulging bicep and it seemed like such a paradox to me…an odd cross between tough and tender.

I asked Big John about this. He responded with a smile because that’s exactly how he felt about the tattoo… He knows he’s a bruiser, but he appreciates his soft side too.

John went on to explain the cherry blossom meaning is about the age-old wisdom of the Samurai. Now, talk about intimidating. These dudes looked like they could slice and dice a body with a mere glance. But they were more than just fierce Japanese warriors, they were also poets and deep philosophers. The  Samurai lived by a highly noble, moral code. It’s called Bushido, the ‘warrior’s way’. Basically, the warrior’s way is one of chivalry, integrity, honor, and respect for all life.

The cherry blossom meaning was an integral symbol for Samurai and their Bushido code. Why? Because it represents the balance of power. To illustrate, the cherry tree is strong and hard like the Samurai was required to be, yet the blossoms are delicate and ephemeral…implying a soulful softness appreciated by the Samurai philosophy.

cherry blossom symbol of strength in challenging times
Samurai symbol of strength in changing times

Another aspect of the cherry blossom meaning and Samurai wisdom deals with embracing change. The cherry blossom is symbolic of transition and it speaks to the fluxing, fleeting nature of life.  

There is big symbolism in this – it turns our minds to the idea that ‘all things change.’ – Right now during uncertain times, this might be the best, biggest hope we have… – that change does (and will) inevitably happen.
Take-away points about cherry blossom symbolism:

  • Appreciate beauty.
  • Wonder in the fragility of life.
  • Balance strength with tenderness.
  • Life is in constant flux. Savor it or shoulder it as you can.
  • Change is life’s only guarantee: With all things, ‘this too shall pass.’

Whether things are bleak, bodacious, bountiful, or downright beastly…the cherry blossom is a meaningful Samurai symbol for any occasion. It reminds us to relish the rapturous times in life, as well as reminding us to strongly bear up to challenges because change will inevitably come.
As always, thanks for reading. And special thanks to ‘Big John’ for inspiring me to write it.

Wishing you bountiful blossoming today and every day in your future,
Mighty brightly,

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