Kiss Your Body Bits!

body image avia whats your sign

body image avia whats your sign

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“No matter what its condition, try to say ‘thank you’ to your body.”


Body image aside…this short inspiration is about loving the body bits that serve us well.

Fat, thin, sick, healthy, broken, buoyant…no matter what its status, the body refuses to be ignored. There’s a reason for that.

We can obtain profound understanding by tapping into the body. Cellular meditation, conscious breathing, mindfulness of heartbeats…practices like these bring us closer to being at peace with the body, and being at peace with the body enhances our harmony with who we are.

We are made from the stuff of the stars, the universe. And let’s face it, our relationship with our bodies is the longest relationship we will EVER have. It’s vital to recognize that.

So even if some of your body bits aren’t performing the way you would like, give thanks to the parts of our bodies that ARE functioning well.

Gratitude to the vessel we live in often prompts positive reactions.

Am I 100% happy with my body? Absolutely not. I’m willing to bet my buttons that most of you can relate.

But the point here is to focus on the parts we DO love…the body bits that are working well, serving us and lookin’ darn good!

I invite you to employ the simple practice of having an attitude of gratitude. Give thanks to the parts that look, function and feel good. Very often, this opens up even more benefits, healing and restoration.

So stop body slamming (shaming) and start body jammin! It’s the only body we got…might as well love it with all we got!

Just thinkin’

xo, Avia

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