Unique and Elite!

unique is good

unique is good

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“Find power in your uniqueness.”


Have you ever let your differences get in the way of your success? Of course you have, we all have!

Too often we let our so-called ‘flaws’ hinder our growth or suffocate our promise in this world. I’m suggesting that your ‘Unique is Elite!’ And we can go to Mother Nature for examples of how to turn our perceived idiosyncrasies into incredible assets.

For example: In the wild, an albino can be extremely vulnerable. They are at risk from predators because they stand out like a sore thumb.

It’s kinda the same way with human nature.

Very often, our unique traits can be a point of attack from those who prey on the seemingly weak.

But what’s interesting about albino creatures (and humans) is the ones who survive manage to win extraordinary power and respect.

It’s all a testimony to embracing our differences and seeing our uniqueness as power-points instead of weakness.

There is a reason we are all different. Consider your differences as your asset rather than your downfall.

Just thinkin’

xo, Avia

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