Writing on Toilet Paper

Writing for Therapy

Writing for Therapy

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Writing on Toilet Paper. On Second Thought, Just Write!

Howdy Ya’ll!

Confession: Long before this whole “V” thing starting rocking our world (“V” as in virus), I was experiencing severe burn-out. In a way, this current theme in humanity has made me revisit my passion and purpose for writing.

Being a writer (for me) means being submerged in a stunning soup of creativity, impulse, intuition, and self-flagellation.  What? Writing launches me to the moon of elation, while also crushing me into fits of torture. Hint: Think Edgar Allan Poe, meets Elmo, meets Vincent van Gogh. Yup, it’s that crazy.

Another layer to the soup? Writing about the meaning of signs and symbols adds a level of pressure – I pride myself on not serving you symbolic slop on a slab. Nope. I have high standards. Integrity. Every article I present to you is thoroughly researched, relevant and (hopefully) meaningful to you.

Online writing and writing for search engine attention (like Google) adds another element of rendering garments and gnashing of teeth. Frankly, it’s brutal. Don’t even get me started (but you can email me if you want to get my top twisting on the subject, lol).

Those might seem compelling negative points to writing, right? So why do it? Because the process of writing – especially by hand – can be totally therapeutic.

Writing for Therapy
Writing for Therapy

I realize writing might not be everybody’s bag, baby. But this is a plea for you to give it a shot. There is no greater time than now to use the written word to express emotion, thought, experiences. 

You don’t have to be a genius. You don’t need experience with blogging. It doesn’t cost anything.  You can pull out a piece of toilet paper and write some thoughts down. Oh, wait…scratch that…don’t do that during a toilet-paper-crisis! Yikes!

I hope you get my gist. Write down your thoughts. Email, journal, write random stuff in an old notebook you’ve had hanging around…steal some paper from your kid’s school back pack. You don’t have to have structure. You don’t have to win a spelling bee.

If there is one thing I know it’s this: Writing might not come naturally to everybody, but it DOES come, and it can be revolutionary in terms of : Healing, Self-exploration, Self-expression, Organizing thoughts, and so much more. 

Writing for therapy
Writing in a journal can be extraordinarily healing

Approach writing as you would a first date. Sometimes creepy. Sometimes delightful. Diverse, deep, full of potential. The great thing about writing is that you are in control.

And, I think control is what many of us are seeking right now when times now render a lot of us feeling helpless.

If you ARE a writer. Keep it up! The world needs your words! If, like me, you’ve been in a burn-out with your writing, this might be the perfect time to reignite your word craft!

At the end of the day, we all have stories within us. At the very least, writing can be an opportunity to conceptualize or organize ideas and personal stories.

I don’t make many promises, but I promise writing can be extremely therapeutic. And let’s face it, we all could use a little positive therapy.
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Stay well, stay symbolic, and start writing!

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7 thoughts on “Writing on Toilet Paper

  1. Howdy Avia,
    Would you consider putting out a book on animal totems? I love your info on animal meanings on your website, but I would much rather have a book (with real paper pages) as a reference on my desk. Thanks for all the work you have been doing for so logn. You are a treasure.
    Stay healthy!

  2. Do you know anything about the meaning of bees? I am terrified of them, and I think that is meaningful. I know they give benefit to the world and I want to love them. Just wondering if you have ideas about how to become friends with bees when I’m so scared of them.

  3. Hi Avia,
    I would like to know about the Coronavirus. What do you think it means? What is its symbolism?

  4. Hi Faith,
    Great question. I am working on an article now, and will publish the link here for you to read.
    Thanks for the questions!
    Stay well, stay symbolic,

  5. Hi Becca,
    Thanks for your question. You are wise to recognize your fear of bees is also a sign. I admire your courage to learn more about this.
    Please refer to my symbolic meaning of bees article here. It is packed with information about bees which might be helpful.
    Thanks again!
    Bee blessings,

  6. Hi Sam,
    Thanks for your comment.
    As a matter of fact, I’ve been lugging around a manuscript on animal totems for the last 7 years. It’s been an ongoing project to get it into print. Please follow me on my social networks (if you aren’t already) and I will announce when that dream is finally a reality. I will also post an announcement here.
    Thanks again!

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