Life is Not Linear

life is not linear avia whats your sign

life is not linear avia whats your sign

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This is kinda irritating, isn’t it? I mean…when I set out to accomplish something, I set a goal.

It seems logical that I make steps to achieve that goal. It also seems logical that those steps go from point A to point Z until the goal is accomplished, right? Uh-uh, Oh noooooo, that’s just way too easy.

In truth, life is a twisty, topsy-turvy thing and all our progress is riding on this weird roller coaster. Someone like me REALLY needs a formula…you know…simple: 2+2=4 and BOOM…goal accomplished, answers received. Nope. It just doesn’t work that way. What a drag!

Now don’t get me wrong. I may sound like a whiny baby about this….but in full disclosure, I see the necessity of the (sometimes) nauseating twirls and swirls upon life’s path. I’ve made peace with the bottom dropping out just when I think I’ve got the plan in place.

At the end of the day, I think the crazy gyrations we must endure while going forth with the plans in our lives are supposed to be a wee bit disruptive. Huh? Yeah.

When my path takes me two steps back, or catapults me on my backside, I’ve come to learn this had to happen in order for me to see some things to prepare me for the next step, the next launch, the next phase.

So the next time you’re chugging along all nice and tight on your tidy life-plan….only to be slingshot into the stratosphere along the way…consider these sidetracks as a valuable lesson required to learn before you can go further.

Then consider yourself blessed by that knowledge posed by that hairpin curve in your life…you might get seriously screwed in the future from not being prepared to go the distance with your goals. What do YOU think??

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