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Writing Therapy

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My mom was a masterful calligrapher. She taught me the art when I was a kid. I’m forever grateful.

Not only did I learn a skill, but the practice of calligraphy forced my mind to slow down, I had to be present in the moment, I had no choice but to be captured by the essence of every stroke.

What’s very interesting about calligraphy is that it is NOT a fluid practice. Oh no. One simple letter, like the letter A takes four pen strokes. Don’t even get me started on the letter Q (6 strokes).

My point is that the intense focus and concentration on each letter to create a whole…it pulled me into the moment. There is no way to excel at the art unless you are fully in the present moment…as Tolle would say..in The Now.

I love technology. I love my keyboard. But sometimes the ‘Old School’ way of expressing myself in writing is the key to returning back to my roots, back to myself.

Returning to tradition, or the ‘old ways’ is a powerful way to reconnect with the rhythm of life, nature and self.

As always, thanks for reading.

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