Perception is Everything

perception is everything

perception is everything

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“Perception is everything. That’s the key to reality.”

Most of you sweet peeps are savvy enough to know that what is seen on TV or even observed in our daily lives is only a partial truth.

This is just a friendly reminder that perception has many, many different layers.

What we perceive can be shifty, one-sided, biased, whatever.

That’s why we must be keen with our vision.

Dig deeper with soulful eyes…see beneath the surface!

Also, remember someone else’s truth might not be YOUR truth. This reminds me of my life’s motto: Sapere Aude This is Latin for “Dare to discern.”

There is a reason we humans have the capacity to make decisions, gather information, think logically…it is so we can discern and formulate our own opinions about what is true.

To go a step further, we can even prove that our ability to form conclusions can even shape our entire reality.

That’s why perception is so crucial.

What we perceive, we receive.

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